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Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai

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Welcome to Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai

Ideally situated in the heart of Zhenru City (Shanghai), Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai brings a refreshing twist to urban living. Designed for modern comfort, the 348 stylish loft residences , ranging from studios to two-bedrooms, come complete with facilities and complimentary Wi-Fi, to meet the demanding lifestyle of road warriors today.

More than just a Shanghai boutique hotel, the property connects inter-city travellers via the Metro Station Line 7 and Shanghai Train Station readily accessible. Working and living in the metropolis is convenient with offices, shopping malls and amenities well within the vicinity of our Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai.


Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai

Yu Garden

The garden of 20,000 sqm impresses not with its size with its unique scenic structures; and of course, for the never-relenting shopper, this is also a great place for tea, antiques, Chinese seals and souvenirs.

Zhenru Temple

Graceful and elegant, the 800-year old temple, with an area of 1,370 sqm, is Shanghai’s most spectacular and well-known Buddhist temple.

Qibao Ancient Town

Dating more than a thousand years, the town of “seven treasures” is a living fossil of ancient Chinese conurbation where folk activities and street fare continue to intrigue the modern day tourists.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

At 5.5km long, this is the most famous shopping street in Shanghai, lined with modern shopping malls, specialties stores, theatres, restaurants and a host of food outlets.

Pudong and the Bund

A symbol of modern and classic Shanghai, the Bund is widely visited not just for its sculptures, statues and underwater tunnel, but also for the boat rides and sightseeing that accompany the wealth of dining, nightlife and shopping options available.

Sinan Mansions

Built around 1920, here you’ll find Western-style heritage villas rebuilt to become a brand new fashion and lifestyle hub with culinary buzz right in downtown Shanghai.


Highly popular among foreigners, the place is well-known for its many high-end bars.

The Bund

Upscale bars and night clubs at the Bund, patronized by the well-heeled locals and expatriates, epitomize the buoyant Shanghai night life.

Tong Le Fang

Cultural, recreational and creative, the area has a host of bars and clubs, restaurants, new concept stores, art galleries and studio theatres.

Tian Zi Fang

The arts and crafts enclave in the Old French Quarter is also home to exotic restaurants and bars.

Changli Road

A popular night market well-loved for its delicious barbecues and seafood.

Heng Shan Road Bar Street

A place for leisure and entertainment, here you’ll find more than 100 bars, teahouses, hotels, entertainment centres, beauty salons and galleries.

Changfeng Park

The largest comprehensive landscape park of Shanghai is fun-packed with a boating lake and an aquarium.

Shanghai GongQing Forest Park

The Park may not be the biggest in Shanghai but is full of idyllic charm amidst natural tranquility found in the open stretches of grass and cool forests.

Shanghai Botanical Garden

With a large collection of plants and flowers, the Garden is also a venue for plant research, tourism, and nature science education.

Dongping National Forest Park

The largest man-made forest in eastern China is tucked not far away from the city in the Chongming Island, where one will find more than 500 species of trees and flowers and many other exciting outdoor activities.

Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park

: The Forest Park awes with its 12 peaks and 20 scenic spots and places of entertainment, covering anything from birds and butterflies, to earthquake research, peaches and tea.

Shanghai Wild Animal Park

The largest national wildlife park in China is home to about 10,000 animals of more than 200 rare animal species.

Da'ning Lingshi Park

At 500,000 sqm, the ecological landscape city park comes with a man-made lake, among other creations, accompanied by phenomenal views of the Huangpu River.

Tong Chuan Road Seafood Street

A seafood market where restaurants serve up fresh Shanghai delicacies.

Shouning Road (Crawfish Street)

A food street famous for BBQ seafood, in particular shellfish, a favourite with the locals.

Chenghuang Temple

The perfect place to enjoy the most famous and authentic Nanxiang steamed dumplings.

HongQuan Road

Better known as the “Korean Town” of Shanghai, here you’ll find tantalizing Korean food.

Zhenru Mutton Restaurant

A traditional restaurant that is well-loved for its delicious mutton noodles.

Global Harbor

Here at the Shanghai’s largest shopping and commercial complex opened in 2013, you’ll find major public art and cultural exhibits, in addition to various kinds of musical performances.

Jingan Kerry Centre

The area offers three towers of luxury brands, as well as an eclectic mix of stores, cinema, dining and shopping establishments in metropolitan Shanghai.

Huai Hai Road

A major shopping street in Shanghai that leads the world with its fashion trends and upscale shopping appeal.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

The most famous shopping street in Shanghai is known for its modern shopping malls, specialty stores, theatres, restaurants and a host of food outlets.

Changle Road

A hot spot for Shanghai’s young and hip fashionistas, the stretch of road is dotted with boutiques, concept stores and homegrown designer fashion

Shanghai Old Street

A great place to shop and discover the Old Shanghai, with buildings dating as far back as the 1300s, made diverse with the European influence that took place then.

China Art Museum, Shanghai

Also known as the China Art Palace, the newly established museum is housed in the former China Pavilion of Expo 2010, with a collection of 14,000 artworks, mainly of Chinese modern art.

Madame Tussauds Shanghai

A famous waxwork museum within the People’s Square area, with effigies of many famous movie stars.

MOCA Shanghai (Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai)

Built to resemble a crystal palace, the museum is located in the People’s Park.

K11 Art Centre

Displaying local artists’ works at every turn, the venue has hosted many large scale exhibitions, including the Monet Exhibition.

Tian Zi Fang

An artsy area housing bars, cafes, crafts shops, galleries and boutiques developed from an old residential area with Shikumen houses, now popular with yuppies, designers and expatriates.

Shanghai Oriental Art Centre

Designed by award-winning French architect Paul Andreu, the Centre is one of the most significant cultural landmarks in Shanghai that boasts of 5 inspiring domes spreading over 40,000 sqm.

Mr. and Mrs. Fitness Club

The Club keeps you fit with a full set of the latest exercise equipment coached by fitness professionals.

Shanghai Oriental Land Resort

Covering 5,600 acres, the resort is well-equipped with facilities ideal for leisure, sports, training and business conferences.

Silver Seven Star Indoor Skiing Site

The largest professional indoor skiing site in the city is also the first of its kind in Asia.

Shanghai Stadium

The multi-functional stadium is an ideal ground for soccer, track and field competitions and other sports exhibitions.

Address: No. 1, Lane 58, Tongchuan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai 200333, China
Tel:+86 (21) 6147 8888 | Fax: +65 6933 9888

Address: Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai,No. 1, Lane 58, Tongchuan Road,Putuo District, Shanghai 200333, China | Tel: +86 (21) 6147 8888 | Fax: +65 6933 9888

Reservations: reservations.putuo-shanghai